I needed to pause

Where oh where have I been? Everyone knows that 2020 was a challenging year as we all learned to live a little (a lot) differently. I’ll write more about my experience ‘sheltering in place’ another time.

In addition to the Covid challenges, I was diagnosed in mid-August with an aggressive form of breast cancer and that care and treatment took priority. I found that I needed to push pause on coaching and this blog to focus on my health. I’m still on that cancer journey but I plan to return to this space later in 2021 with renewed thoughts on strength, growth, ambition and creativity. For now I wish you love and light.


Daily Journal Prompt

Keep an eye on your goals: re-emerging 

2020 has been quite a year, global pandemic, sheltering in place, civil unrest, change, change, and hope, beautiful hope. We will get through this, affected, smarter and contributing to change for a better world. Here are some prompts to add to your daily journal routine: 

  • When the time comes, how do I want to exit this pandemic?
  • When I look back at this time, what do I want my defining word or phrase to be?  
  • What causes do I believe in and how can I add my voice, my special gifts to that work?
  • What do I personally need to learn more about?  What is one thing I can do today to further my learning?
  • How can I best care for ME during this time (and me only)?