Have you checked in on your goals?

Am I the only one who talks to 2020 like it’s a person saying “Oh 2020, you really are something aren’t you!”. I wonder?

This year has been like no other. We have experienced so many things we could not have predicted, from COVID-19 and sheltering in place to the protesting of racial injustice to the politicizing of basic science. The world needs thoughtful, compassionate and vulnerable leaders.  Leaders willing to stand up for the rights of all, leaders who are ready to listen and learn, and leaders ready to be agents of change.

If you’ve heard me speak on Navigating Change you know change is something I’m passionate about. Communication is key during all stages of change, the stages include ending, neutral zone and new beginnings. The beginning of any change starts with understanding that something is ending. We need to understand and honor those endings.  Even endings that are long overdue, honor what was and ceremoniously say goodbye. I like to write out things I’m saying good-bye to, thank them for what they have taught me and then burn that paper in a fire.  More about Navigating Change can be found on this handout.  Schedule a coaching session with me to discuss further.

Mid Year Goal Check In

I encourage all of my clients to have personal and professional goals and I recommend weekly work on goals and quarterly progress check ins.  It is time to dust off those goals, review and assess your progress.  Now is a good time to step back and look at your goals holistically and within the context of 2020. I know I’ve needed to revise my goals this year, perhaps you may need a mid-year revision too. If you made a goal to travel extensively, you need to revise.  If you planned to grow your small business, you may need to revise.  COVID-19 has caused significant life change for every one of us, so take some time to review and revise your goals this month.

Here’s a goal review exercise I use: review each goal, decide if it is a keep, modify, delay or delete. For the keep goals, give an honest assessment of your progress and write the 1-3 next steps to move that goal forward. For your modify goals, write out your modifications and why. Think it through, don’t give up because it’s hard, write down clear reasons for the revision. I have goals that I moved the due date from 2020 to the end of 2021 – and honestly they may need to move again. I have goals around workshops I want to present at retreats and very few retreats are running this year.  And Some goals might be better suited to simply be removed from your plan this year.  I don’t do this casually. A goal you are not going to make progress on can be removed to focus your attention on other goals.

We talk about ‘mid year goal review’ on the latest episode of Art and Science Punks (podcast I do with my husband – we talk about art and science). We were surprised at how many of our goals have been progressing really well not just in spite of COVID and staying home but because of it. We have gotten very creative connecting with friends and family. We are working out more (mental health benefits and getting out of the house benefits). As I already shared, some of my business goals needed tweaking, a revised timeline or target number here and there. Check out the ASP podcast to hear more!

I hope you are staying healthy, taking care of your mind, body and spirit in these continuously unique times.

With Gratitude,


Daily Journal Prompt

Keep an eye on your goals: re-emerging 

2020 has been quite a year, global pandemic, sheltering in place, civil unrest, change, change, and hope, beautiful hope. We will get through this, affected, smarter and contributing to change for a better world. Here are some prompts to add to your daily journal routine: 

  • When the time comes, how do I want to exit this pandemic?
  • When I look back at this time, what do I want my defining word or phrase to be?  
  • What causes do I believe in and how can I add my voice, my special gifts to that work?
  • What do I personally need to learn more about?  What is one thing I can do today to further my learning?
  • How can I best care for ME during this time (and me only)?